Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Linuxfest Northwest 2008!

I do not attend many Linux conferences but have known about the event just south of the border for me, called Linuxfest Northwest. At this time of year (as well as the fall), work is especially challenging as I have to put on the tie as well as act the part in numerous corporate events. It was nice to steal away for a weekend to attend this affair.

Last year I attended Ubuntu Live. It was fun, it was educational and it was definitely different than Linuxfest Northwest. Ubuntu Live was definitely more corporate, with some big name speakers. I got less out of the sessions than the keynotes, which were a wide range of topics but in general very high level (if you get my meaning). This weekend at Linuxfest Northwest it definitely felt different - more grassroots, friendlier even.

The event is free, no charge for attending, no charge for the sessions. There are numerous topic sessions to choose for. Lots of different types of people in attendance, from kids (I know, I know, I'm sounding... and getting!... old), to older couples to just us normal geeks. There were numerous vendors of all types, from Oracle to local LUGs and hardware manufacturers. This was about Linux, about the community that we speak about so much and about having fun.

I enjoyed myself immensely and plan on attending again next year. If in the neighbourhood, I'd recommend you do the same!

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