Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ubuntu Live Thoughts

Its been two days since I returned from Ubuntu Live 07 and wanted to give my thoughts on the conference.

Overall, a great collection of people and minds - I enjoyed it very much and came away pleased with the experience.
  • Sessions were too short, too high level, that I came away with less than I could have seen after 30 seconds reading online
  • Disappointed that there were not more non-linux people there - more companies and individuals wanting to move to Linux (or Ubuntu specifically)
  • O'Reilly hosted it and did a wonderful job
  • Next year I'm staying for OSCon as well
  • Tutorials were great and I could have done more (time permitting)
  • Pleased that Canonical's initiatives are focusing on businesses
  • Landscape looks great, especially for an initial release
  • Speakers, to a single one, were excellent
  • Missed the Linux Action Show guys, so disappointed (I was looking but I didn't get the podcast until I returned)
  • Food was very good - lunch boxes were actually too large
  • Stayed downtown Portland and the Maxx is free and easy transportation
  • Audience was generally good, Tutorial audience the best for participation and general help and friendliness
Geez, I can probably go on forever but again its all good baby... see you at the 2nd annual...!

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