Friday, January 12, 2007

Vista Released, Does Anyone Care?

I have been pondering the release of Microsoft Vista. November 30 2006, Microsoft announced the availability of Vista for businesses (and broadly available on January 30 2007). The excitement (at least in the trash tech media) leading up to the initial release was in full swing. All the gears were in motion for another industry sweeping product from Microsoft.

So what happened?

Was there any release parties in November or December? Not in my area. It certainly didn't explode on that date like fireworks on Canada Day.

And where is all the excitement? The majority of the tech magazines are focusing on if you should upgrade, how little this release has changed from the prior, why it costs more, how stable will it really be and of course is it worth it?

Oh certainly, looking at Microsoft Vista, there are some great things within for any business. But I know upgrading is not high on my corporate agenda - maybe in 18 months or maybe not.

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