Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blogging for Bloggings Sake

To blog or not to blog! Right? Only time will tell.

I have found myself reading blogs more frequently over the last year – often finding a wealth of information that I can devour and regurgitate at my pleasure.

But why am I here – writing for this blog when I have so little spare time in my life?

I think it is therapeutic for one. I purchase a product and am frustrated at how crappy it is or I want to vent my disgust at how some corporations seems to excel when other, and sometimes better companies, seem to be overshadowed. Where can I vent my passion? The guys at work, my wife, they have all heard it before.

So what is my plan you ask? Gotta have, at least, a high level project definition and perhaps schedule in mind right? I sat down and put together about a dozen topics I can write about off the top of my head – easy stuff – good shit. Therefore I shall attempt two blog entries a month. So this project can easily run a few months without any glimmer of a new idea from me.

What the hell can I possibly talk about that someone else may be interested in?

Shit – that’s what. Really – don’t read this, I don’t care. But I shall write product reviews for some toys that I get handed – some cool code snippets from languages that I am enjoying – some hate-filled rebuke about company’s moronic practices – whatever the hell I want really.

That’s right – it’s all about me!


Aleksandersen said...

In other words, you have nothing else to offer than all other bloggers. But hey!? Isn't "me" what all blogs are about, anyway?

Jeff Sharpe said...

Exactly! :-)